A City Symphony

A timelapse video of architecture and art in Columbus, Indiana.

After the Flood

Pleasant Grove residents have to decide their next moves as homes are leveled in the neighborhood following a destructive flood.

Womens Football Camp

The Jennings County High School football program held a one day football camp for women interested in learning more about the sport.


A local nursing home is utilizing a Nintendo Wii video game console to help residents stay active.

A Gentleman’s Game

James Behmke of the Columbus Chess Club reveals a few anecdotes and strategies about the ancient board game.

92-Year-Old Color Guard

Bob Buchert, 92, is the Commander of the Bartholomew County Veterans Color Guard, which served a record 113 funerals last year.

Preschool Oil Spill

A local preschool used chocolate sauce and toy animals to explain to children the effects of a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Horse Rescue

The Bartholomew County Swiftwater Rescue Team helped two horses to dry land after they were stranded by floodwater at the YY Saddle Club.

Country-Gospel Music Church

The Country-Gospel Music Church in Gnawbone, Indiana, appeals to worshippers with songs in their hearts.